5 Steps to the Perfect Espresso Shot

The Guide to the Perfect Espresso

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Espresso is one of the most popular go-to choice for a lot of coffee drinkers. It's flavour-focused and strong; all the tasting notes are jam-packed into a small cup. For the coffee drinkers at home who want the perfect espresso shot on a rainy day, what do they do? Here we have broken down the 5 simple steps to creating the perfect espresso in the comfort of your own home, especially on a day with bad weather and travelling to your local favourite coffee shop is not an option.

Step 1 - Consistent ratio and weighing 

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Use a ratio of 1:2 dry dose vs. wet dose (i.e 18 grams in should give you 36 grams in liquid output). Make sure you always weigh your shots to ensure consistent quality.

Step 2 - Use a distributor

espresso, distributor, porta filter

A distributor will help even out your porta filter surface to prevent channeling which results in a bitter aftertaste.

Step 3 - Tamp evenly with a 20-30 lbs of pressure

espresso, tamping, porta filter

Tamping brings the coffee grounds together to ensure even extraction.

Step 4 - Purge your grouphead before pulling your shot

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Water residing in the grouphead is often higher in temperature and may cause your espresso beans to burn so purging the grouphead right before you lock in the shot is a good habit to get into.

Step 5 - Time your extraction

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For an 18-36 gram shot, you should aim for an extraction time of 25-30 seconds. If longer than 30 seconds, it means your grind size is probably too fine and you should therefore make your grind size coarser and vice versa.