Official Release of "Gateway" - An Online Editorial by Terminal 3 Roasters

pour over coffee, coffee making, editorial cover

Terminal 3 Roasters started off with the concept of storytelling through coffee. Coffee beans come from all over the world, each with its own origin story. We recognize the significance of people and craftsmanship that go behind the production of each coffee bean, and we want to compile all of these findings in one place to share it with our community. To extend our passion for storytelling, craftsmanship, and travelling, Terminal 3 Roasters is launching its own online editorial, titled Gateway.

Gateway will serve as an online information hub where we share helpful tips on coffee making, interesting facts and stories relating to coffee, and tales of craftsmanship and dedication from other artisans around the globe that extends beyond the world of coffee. We hope this biweekly editorial will help inform and play a vital role in continuing to building our coffee community. Stay tuned for what's to come!