Travel Guide - belk

Travel Guide: belk

The Terminal 3 brand focuses on 3 things: craftsmanship, storytelling, and travelling. Part of Gateway was not only sharing educative knowledge and tips regarding coffee, but also showing great crafts people, designs, and places worth visiting from around the world. For our first Travel Guide section, we would like to introduce a beautiful cafe from Kurashiki of Okayama, Japan, named belk

Sitting on the top of Mount Ojigatake, the cafe features large window panels that allow for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea. Visitors can enjoy a pour over coffee with beans from a local coffee roaster which prides in quality selected beans. Aside from beverages, belk also offers food such as seasonal pastries and their popular honey butter toast.

Customers may also reserve to dine and host a private party outside the cafe by the sea, which allows attendees to truly immerse themselves into the breathtaking view of the landscape.


The cafe is also known to host various music events as well, featuring many talented local musicians to perform at their venue, whether it'd be inside the cafe, or outside in the fields by the sea. Some of the notable music performers include Haruka Nakamura and LUCA.


We hope Travel Guide can continue to give the community great insights and recommendations of interesting places from around the world worth visiting.


All images are sourced from belk.