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Coffee by Mountain Merch Co.

Welcome to the latest issue of Gateway: Travel Guide, where we take you on a journey to explore a one-of-a-kind coffee shop in Indonesia: CXMM (Coffee by Mountain Merch). Established in 2018, CXMM emerges as a brand that draws its inspiration from the world of mountains, seamlessly showcasing its essence throughout its building.

CXMM building illustrations

Upon arriving at CXMM, you will immediately be immersed in the atmosphere where the sights, scents, and flavours harmoniously blend to evoke the beauty of mountain landscapes. The cafe's tent-shaped facade perfectly complements the main theme of the brand with its eye-catching architecture and rustic exterior. CXMM offers not only a delightful coffee experience, but also a captivating rustic ambiance.

Nestled in the special region of Yogyakarta, CXMM is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes and cultural treasures. Beyond its renowned reputation as a climbing gear brand, CXMM building holds an unexpected delight. Within its walls lies a charming coffee bar, a hidden sanctuary where weary souls can unwind and rejuvenate. But what truly sets this experience apart is the breathtaking seating arrangement, which overlooks a picturesque paddy field - allowing guests to immerse themselves in tranquility and reconnect with nature. 

Sunset Ambiance at CXMM (Coffee by Mountain Merch)

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At CXMM, coffee takes center stage. The coffee shop prides itself on serving high-quality, locally sourced coffee beans. The expert baristas are passionate about their craft and strive to create a memorable coffee experience for every customer. From traditional Indonesian brews like Kopi Tubruk to specialty espresso-based drinks and filter coffee, CXMM caters to a wide range of coffee preferences. 

CXMM goes beyond just being a cafe; it strives to create a sense of community. The space serves as a meeting point for coffee lovers, adventurers, and locals alike. Visitors can engage in conversations, share travel stories, or simply unwind with a book while enjoying their favorite brew. 

If you find yourself in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, make sure to pay a visit to CXMM to experience the perfect blend of exceptional coffee, craftsmanship, and a vibrant community.

All images are sourced from CXMM.