Travel Guide - September

Travel Guide: September


In this latest issue of Gateway: Travel Guide, we want to introduce an extraordinary architecture located in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam: September Cafe. Designed by Red5Studio in collaboration with Ben Decor, the entire cafe is built on two adjacent buildings decorated by organic curved steel strips to resemble a birds nest. Boasting a total of 4 floors, warm colours are used throughout such as beige and light browns from woods to fit the "September" colour palettes, with green plants placed throughout as decor to add an extra flair and contrast to the interior vibe. The top floor is an open space aerial garden, where customers can enjoy fresh air and sunlight during the day. Inside the cafe, staircases and walls are designed with circular holes and organic curves to resemble the natural structure of a birds nest, along with the concept of wind and breeze blowing through the structure. 




September also offers a very wide range of beverages and food to accompany it. The extensive creative menu ranges from staple classic drinks such as espresso, latte, and cold brews, to more creative and refreshing choices like strawberry latte, chocolate oreo blend, and coconut matcha blend. Pastries and cakes are seasonal and updates from time to time.

With unique architectural designs and a creative approach to the overall customer experience, September is one of the cafes around the world worth visiting. Next time you find yourself flying to Hồ Chí Minh, make sure to pay a visit.

All images by Phú Đào (architecture) and September Saigon (food and beverage).