Travel Guides: La Cabra

Travel Guides: La Cabra Coffee

In this latest issue of Gateway: Travel Guide, we invite you to explore a well-known specialty coffee roaster originating from Aarhus, Denmark: La Cabra Coffee.

La Cabra Coffee is a modern coffee company established in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2012. Driven by curiosity and a desire to explore the depths of the coffee chain, they began sourcing and roasting their own coffee in 2013. This dedication led to a stellar reputation in Aarhus, where a passionate team still runs their coffee bars and bakery. 


Attention began to spread beyond Denmark, and today, La Cabra is a globally recognized coffee roaster. It has gained international recognition, ranking 5th in the 2024 @roastfulcoffee Top 100 roasters in the world, as judged by a panel of 32 esteemed industry professionals.

They collaborate with numerous quality-driven wholesale partners to create exceptional coffee experiences in cities worldwide and cater to dedicated home users and subscribers in over 60 countries. Recently, they moved their roastery to Copenhagen and expanded internationally with locations in New York, Bangkok, and Oman.

In March 2024, La Cabra opened a new store in Kampanilen, Aarhus, which is situated within a new 19-story project designed by BIG, a significant landmark in the city’s development.


La Cabra’s philosophy centres on a deep appreciation for their raw materials. La Cabra works exclusively with trusted partners and sources coffee directly from producers. Their dedication extends to frequent travels to origin countries, and building relationships with skilled individuals who devote their expertise to every coffee plant and cherry.


La Cabra Coffee offers a unique blend of Nordic elegance and global coffee culture, making it a must visit destination for coffee enthusiasts. Whether you're in Aarhus, Copenhagen, New York, Bangkok, or Oman, experiencing La Cabra is a journey into the heart of specialty coffee.

All images are sourced from La Cabra Coffee.