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Costa Rica - Don Sabino

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Light Roast
Costa Rica
Sabanilla de Alajeula, Central Valley
1300 - 1600 Meters Above Sea Level
Amaretto, Almond, Toffee
340g / 12oz
Espresso, Pour Over, Drip, and French Press


Note: Pre-ground coffee beans will get stale quicker, which may cause it to lose its aromatic subtleties. Although we'd be happy to grind the coffee beans to your liking, we highly recommend our customers to grind their coffee beans just before consumption.   


We discovered this coffee to be incredibly fascinating and delightful, featuring distinct flavors reminiscent of Amaretto Sour and almond when brewed with a medium coarse grind in a Hario V60 pour over. These flavor notes become more pronounced with longer resting periods after roasting; we observed that around 20 days post-roast date typically yields the clearest expression of these characteristics.

The Don Sabino Micromill is a collaborative project led by a father and son team who produce exceptional coffee despite working with basic facilities. They meticulously oversee every aspect of production to ensure quality.

Established in 2011, the micromill is a passion project for Steven Vargas and his father, who have deep roots in coffee cultivation. They cultivate various coffee bean varieties on their land, primarily focusing on Villa Sarchi, alongside Catuai, Caturra, Gesha, SL-28, and a small amount of Mokka. Initially specializing in natural processing on their drying beds, Steven has recently begun experimenting with honey processing at the suggestion of Luis Arocha, their coffee buyer from Oxcart Coffee: Cafe Imports Latin America, based in San José.

The Don Sabino micromill oversees operations at El Apostol, El Orvo, and La Roca farms.