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Brazil - Carmo de Minas

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Medium Roast
Carmo de Minas
Yellow Bourbon
1016-1290 Meters Above Sea Level
Nutty, Cocoa, Sweet
340g / 12oz


Note: Pre-ground coffee beans will get stale quicker, which may cause it to lose its aromatic subtleties. Although we'd be happy to grind the coffee beans to your liking, we highly recommend our customers to grind their coffee beans just before consumption.   


Alta Vista Farm lies in the foothills of Serra da Mantiqueira, in the Carmo de Minas municipality. This area is known for coffee cultivation, with relatively good altitude for Brazil, and favorable micro climates for both growing and drying coffee. Fazenda Alta Vista is Managed by Robson Vilela, who purchased the 84 ha. property in 2001. Robson was a dentist in his former life, and now he is an award-winning coffee producer: Coffee was planted in 2004, and was first harvested in 2007, where his crop took 7th place in the 2007 Brazil Cup of Excellence. Alta Vista has since delivered on the reputation of quality, returning to the Cup of Excellence finals in 2011 and 2012.

The staff at Alta Vista is much smaller than other farms in the region. Robson made an agreement to pay higher wages than other farms in the area, resulting in zero staff turnover since 2007.

Fazenda Alta Vista also produces bananas, which are intercropped with the coffee trees providing sufficient shade. The multitude of banana trees on the farm also created a condition for the coffee trees to survive the unexpected drought in the summer of 2014, ensuring both quality and volume for the 2015 harvest.