Exploring the Origins of Coffee Flavours

Exploring the Origins of Coffee Flavours

Coffee Beans

At Terminal 3 Coffee Roasters, we believe that every cup of coffee tells a unique story—a tale of terroir, culture, and craftsmanship that begins in each of its unique origins. Our passion lies in sharing those stories with the local community by bringing out the unique flavours that each coffee bean has to offer. In this week’s Gateway article, join us as we explore the distinct characteristics of coffee beans from various regions around the world. 

East Africa: Fruity Symphony in Beans

The land of Ethiopia is where the Arabica coffee plant originates. Until now, it still stands as the largest producer of this variety in Africa. Typically, Ethiopian beans exhibit higher acidity and a lighter body, yet the region’s varying microclimates yield diverse flavours. For example, Yirgacheffe beans present fruity, almost floral notes, while Sidamo beans offer earthy, full-bodied, and complex floral notes. 

Moving further along the African coffee trail, Kenya and Burundi are renowned for producing beans with pronounced acidity and complexity. The vibrant notes often reveal fruity and berry-like flavours, offering a sensory journey that embodies the rich diversity within African coffee. A touch south of the Equator, Rwandan coffee stands out for its sweet, full-bodied profile complemented by fruity and acidic undertones.

Colombia and Brazil: Home to Balanced Flavours 

Moving across continents to South America, Colombia’s and Brazil’s coffee landscape presents beans with balanced flavours. These beans showcase mild acidity, a moderate body, and a delightful sweetness that embodies the warmth and richness of South American culture. 

Indonesia: Bold and Earthy Profiles

In the exotic Indonesian landscape, Java and Sumatra beans thrive in volcanic soils. These beans exhibit bold, full-bodied flavours with subtle notes of spice and earthiness, which makes them favourable for those seeking a robust, complex cup.

Central America: Heights of Excellence

Crossing over to Central America, Guatemala and Costa Rica cultivate high-altitude beans renowned for their vibrant flavours. The region's diverse microclimates and the farmers’ dedication to quality cultivation allow coffee beans to develop with bright acidity, often showcasing citrusy zest and delicate floral undertones. 

Crafting a Unique Experience

In our roastery, we honour these global variations by thoughtfully curating and crafting unique tastes. Our roasting process is dedicated to enhancing the specific characteristics of each bean. We hope that this approach can deliver an exceptional cup that vividly tells the story of its origin, inviting coffee enthusiasts to experience its narrative.